June 30, 2022

The last day of the month, and 6 months of the year has passed. Every day brings new surprises and challenges. New questions and choices.

We await the unexpected, certain that news could change everything. We make mistakes and ask forgiveness, even of ourselves and our maker. We look back and we look ahead.

I’m constantly amazed the journey – even rollercoaster – of life. Often my posts seem like riddles. I speak in vague terms because my sense of privacy doesn’t allow otherwise, but it provides an outlet all the same.

I’ve been posting for 6 years, constantly, every month. Each entry gives me a glimpse into my life at that time. An online journal of sorts. I once wrote of business, but lately it’s been all about life.

Isn’t that the thing about it? You hope for equilibrium, but parts take you over and suck you under like the tide.

This is not the end. This is not the beginning. This is a stepping stone on the path. The horizon isn’t in view. We look ahead and see only fog. There could be turns or hills, there could be a level field in bloom. And so we hope and we trust and we pray, and we hold someone’s hand along the way.