Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

May 30, 2022

It’s an interesting thing, time. Looking ahead, looking back, trying to be focused on the present. We move forward and then get pulled back. Like waves in the ocean. We think of all that can be, that will be, that should be. Then we think of all that was. How difficult it is just to consider what is. Today. Now. In this moment. 

Every moment in our life has brought us here. The good, the bad, and everything in between. Some we may wish to change, but impossible it is. And so we focus on what we can hear and see and touch. We focus on the chirping birds. The bumble bees whizzing from flower to flower. The wind blowing through the trees.

And so we press on, savoring the now, never forgetting: “Tomorrow is a mystery. Yesterday is history. Live today, it’s a gift, that’s why they call it “present.”