Satisfy Everyone or No One

July 31, 2022

My fatal flaw. The need to satisfy everyone, or feeling that I’ve satisfied no one at all. Now everyone knows that it’s impossible to make everyone happy. And in fact, you could argue that it’s not our job to make anyone happy anyways. Often I think so much about what someone else may want that I completely forget what I may want (or even need).

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, but that can be difficult to remember in the moment. Instead what we should keep in mind is what really matters. Are we being kind? Are we being selfish in our decisions? Are we considering others or only ourselves? All we can do is try. There’s nothing more we can offer, and we can’t control how some responds to our efforts.

I often say that life is made up of our choices, and this is no different. Choose to do what you believe is right, and choose to accept – with the right intentions – that doing that is enough.