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Work is Not All That Matters

April 24, 2020

Work is not all that matters.

In fact, it’s near the end of a short list of what really does.

We work to live but never should we live to work.

I work because I enjoy it – the job itself, my clients, the challenge – but over the years, I have realized it is not all that there is and not all that I am.

Your career success does not define you, nor does a momentary (or even extensive) lapse.

Once you get past the notion of “failure” and do the calculations of how you’ll make ends meet, you’ll see – there’s a certain peace in freedom. A solace in isolation. An awakening in uncertainty.

You’re confronted head on with the opportunity to rediscover yourself. To decide what holds meaning and what you want to be significant in your own life.

…So, what really matters to you?

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