2 Years

August 26, 2023

2 years without you and I still miss you just the same.

They say time heals all wounds. That may be true but the scar remains. You can look at the scar and remember exactly how you felt when it happened. You can run your finger over it with awe, thinking of how bad it was when it first occurred and how far it’s come. The wound is closed but the memory of it remains. An internal scar is the same.

And then 2 things can happen. You think of how the wound was caused, and you’re extra careful now. You avoid what caused it. Or, you think of how the wound was caused and say, “I could have done this differently.” I’ll be more careful but I won’t avoid it.

In a sense, you learn from it. You try to do better.

But that scar is always with you. Most people don’t notice it. Maybe it’s small. Perhaps you’re able to keep it hidden. But you know it’s there. It will always be there.