Is There Such a Thing as an Easy Life?

October 21, 2022

Of course the answer is “no”. That doesn’t keep us from wishing and aspiring for it.

If it were as easy as pushing a button, wouldn’t we all do that?

But truth be told, an easy life would also be a boring life. The joy and pain of life are the ebbs and flows. The bad serves to make us appreciate the good, otherwise complacency has a way of finding a home.

Easy also doesn’t mean it’s good. If we create boundaries and protect ourselves from every challenge and risk, it might seem easier, but that doesn’t make it enjoyable.

And so we focus on what we can control. If not our circumstances, our reaction to them. Being kind. Treating others how we want to be treated. Having hope for a new day. Sharing or easing the burden in someone else’s world.

An easy life it is not. But some days are certainly easier than others. If today’s not the day, know tomorrow could always be better.