Happy Birthday in Heaven and on Earth

November 14, 2021

Today is Sammy and Bella’s 11th birthday. They were born November 14, 2010 to an outside mama cat, rescued by Sheny, a friend and fellow shelter volunteer for Happy Tails Pet Rescue.

2 boys and 2 girls. Today we celebrate the birthday of the 2 girls in heaven, my sweet Bella and her sister, Luna (Matzah). And today we celebrate the birthday of the 2 boys on earth, my buddy Sammy and his brother, Valentino (Oscar).

It’s bittersweet for me. The first birthday of Bella in heaven. I still can’t understand why she’s not here. She was so young and so filled with life. This part is bitter.

But Sammy is still here, the cuddliest bear. This part is sweet.

My two twin babies, nearly identical in some ways and nearly opposite in others.

Bella was small versus her brother, but with a big personality. She ranged from about 8-11 pounds in her adult life. She was the absolute sweetest. That goes without question. She would never bite you or scratch you, or even try to. You could hold her like a baby and she liked it. And I was her person. Her mama. She had such a funny way about her. She was shy with most everyone. She’d be in hiding when others arrived, and only a special few could win her trust. She was a great bug catcher. The ultimate bouncy ball carrier. She didn’t like to be locked out of anywhere – she would wait, cry or try to break in. She would peer through our glass staircase at you in the dining room. She had a little round face. No neck at all. Big round eyes and a very tufty chest.

Sammy has always been the chonk. 13-16 pounds in his adult life. The waggiest, poochiest belly you ever did see. He loves blankets and curling under them when he’s cold. He likes to bury his head face down while sleeping. He loves to cuddle when it suits him, which is often daily and could be for hours. But he is fickle. He turns and turns to find the perfect spot. If you move, you’ll disrupt him and he’ll leave. He has a new fondness for his mousey toy on a stick. He also really likes to spend time in the garden (supervised of course!) now that mama has loosened her grip a bit. He’s very social, likes just about everyone. He’s been known to jump on the laps of complete strangers, without invitation.

Sammy and Bella were the smallest, cutest little kittens you’ve ever seen. My best friends in the whole wide world. I can’t imagine if I had given them away instead of adopted them myself. They’ve brought some of the most joy to my life. More joy than fancy things or fancy trips. I would trade it all for a lifetime with them.

And so, even on days when we want to cry, “Celebrate we will, because life is short but sweet for certain.”