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Does Vacation Just Mean Away from Home?

July 27, 2021

This post is a bit of a continuation of my last one. And here I shall leave it, to avoid a tone of complaint. If anything strikes you as a first world problem, this should certainly be it.

I live a good life. A great life even. This I can’t and won’t debate.

So why does it hit a nerve when I believe people think I’m living the dream? Truth be told, I do in many ways.

But after nearly 5 weeks of time away, I think I’ve become a bit sensitive to feeling like people think I’m constantly on vacation. My real sensitivity stems from the fear of misconception that I don’t work.

In reality, I work full-time. I rarely take time off. I dream of working less, not more. Thankfully, I don’t often work nights, or at least late into the night, and I almost never work weekends.

I do take a day off from time to time, but then I push the work from that day into another. To take a whole week not working, that’s a real rarity.

So when I travel and hear, “you’re always on vacation!”, it irks me. I know it shouldn’t. I know I’m working, and even if I’m not, then good for me, right?! I’m so lucky to travel and it’s so nice to have a change of scenery.

But does vacation just mean away from home?

Let’s look at Merriam-Webster…

1 : a period spent away from home or business in travel or recreation; had a restful vacation at the beach

2a : a scheduled period during which activity (as of a court or school) is suspended

b : a period of exemption from work granted to an employee

3 : a respite or a time of respite from something : intermission

4 : an act or an instance of vacating

Well, I AM at the beach. Sometimes it’s restful, sometimes it’s not, but thus is life.

Nothing is suspended, that is for certain.

There is no period of exemption. Although I must be honest and admit that I’m mostly taking Fridays off this summer. Three day weekends for sure qualify as vacation in my book!

An intermission…well, summer is a sort of intermission. The beach does provide a time of respite from the intense city heat.

Is this an instance of vacating? Sure, I left the city for the sea.

So, what does this all mean?

It means…I should STOP trying to define! Who cares if people think I’m on vacation…now or all the time?

I’m slowly realizing, if something bothers you, you should check yourself…is it coming from you or from someone else?

Often our own thoughts, insecurities and feelings are at the root of our reactions.

America encourages overwork. I know that I’m self-conscious that because I work for myself, others think I “underwork”. (Is that even a thing?)

While I feel like people may admire the ability to take time off on one hand, I worry that they judge a “lux” lifestyle that’s not built on 80 hour work weeks.

But if they do, why do I care?

Isn’t the whole purpose of this blog…the balance of life and work? I aspire for that, and to do it is to live it.

It isn’t the battle of extremes, it’s the challenge of moderation.

This example is a silly one, but my way of realizing how silly something is? Write it, and read it. It’s like you’re speaking the words to yourself that someone else won’t say…or they do, and you just don’t hear it.

Try it sometime! It’s good for growth 😉