Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing

July 30, 2020

Do you believe in perfect timing? Do you think everything has a plan?

For me, the answer – to both of these rather philosophical questions – is unequivocally YES.

I’ve come to realize, we often don’t fully understand the reality at the time it’s occurring. We want x and we get y. We want today and we get tomorrow. But one day, you look back and all of the pieces somehow fell into place, just how they should have.

In a time of perhaps the greatest uncertainty most of us have seen in our lives, I still believe that all things will work together for good.

I think back to houses we’ve bought and sold. Roles I’ve lost, jobs I’ve left, careers I’ve started. Moves and vacations that have tied together like hopes and dreams. Is that philosophical enough? It’s true. Some of the most serendipitous events happen, and at the time, you don’t even realize how fortunate you really are.

I am thankful for the good, but also thankful for the challenging. I am thankful when my prayers don’t always get answered when and how I ask. There is a better plan for my life than I could even imagine, and I trust that now.

…Well, if you ask me today anyways 😉

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