Patience in Waiting

February 28, 2020

It’s tough to wait. Whether you’re waiting for something good or bad, we’re in the habit of instant gratification. Tell me now. Give me now. Show me now. Patience is a virtue as the saying goes. I’ll admit, it’s one I often struggle to have.

The unknown is scary and sometimes frustrating. When things are out of your control and all you want is an answer, a result, a finality, and it doesn’t come…well, it’s easy to let it get the best of you.

I’m in a waiting game myself and I wish it were over yesterday. I’ve had my share of emotions – annoyance, anger, denial, hope. But, I continue to tell myself, everything happens for a reason. Things will work out exactly as they are meant to.

But until then, I’m trying to remain calm and not lose my cool. To focus on what’s important, consider all my many blessing and be at peace. What tips do you have to wait out the waiting game?

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