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Be True to Yourself

June 26, 2019

I’ve found that one of the most important things in life is to be true to yourself. Stand your ground and stand up for yourself and others. Only you know deep down who you really are…your wants and needs, your hopes and dreams.

Many people have a vision for what their life should look like, and often, they have a vision for yours too. But know, only you can decide. It can be difficult in your 20s, 30s and beyond to not succumb to others’ expectations of you, so what I’m suggesting may be no easy feat. But remember – only you will live with your choices.

In my case, there are a number of decisions I’ve made for my life that don’t fit the cultural “norm” – particularly in America. Those that know me well, know exactly what those choices are. I’ve never been happier, and I’m glad I’ve followed my own dreams. Where those dreams may take me, only time will tell.

The American ideal is often to continually make more money, even at the detriment of your own time. For me, I’ve considered the concept of becoming an agency versus my current role as a business owner and consultant. There are many reasons I haven’t gone this route – in part, the partnership with my clients. I enjoy feeling like a part of the team. To be candid – personally, one of the biggest reasons is that I don’t want that level of responsibility. More than money, I’d rather flexibility and the much-desired “work / life balance.” I don’t want to be responsible for hiring and firing – another person’s livelihood depending on me. I consider my business to be successful just as it is, and don’t feel I’m settling just because I don’t necessarily want more.

My nature is also to stand up for myself – for what I believe to be right. That’s typically true in work and in life, and while it’s been challenging at times, it’s always served me well. If it’s true to yourself, even when things are hard, stand your ground if you know it’s the right thing (while being kind of course!) – you and the situation will be better for it.

So what have you learned about being true to yourself and standing your ground? Do you agree, or find it’s easier to stick to the road well-traveled?

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