Masking Rather Than Fixing

May 16, 2019

I’ve recently come to realize that human nature is to mask rather than fix. Solving a challenge may seem like hard work, so often we just put on a bandaid and hope it will heal itself.

Now let me preface this by saying, in some cases, our only option is a mask. Some issues cannot be fixed no matter how hard we try. Know that these are the not the cases I’m referring to here.

I’m talking about pills and medications to cover underlying illnesses – physical or mental – without trying to find the root cause.

Makeup to cover skin imperfections, rather than working to understand what’s causing flareups.

Shapers to cover those extra bulges, rather than exercising and improving your diet to lose a few pounds.

I know this sounds like a generalization, and it is. I’ve been guilty of all of these things myself, so it feels I have at least a small right to speak about them.

When my uncle was really sick at the end of last year, I realized I wanted to live this year differently. Not a new year’s resolution, not a fad. A lasting lifestyle change to improve my long-term health and happiness.

Do I still take Advil when needed? Yes. Do I wear makeup when I go out? Of course. But I also realized there were some things that I could fix, and I’ve diligently spent the last 5 months doing so. I’ve found that the phrase “mind over matter” is so true. Meaning, for a lasting impact, you need to do things for the right reason.

My reason was my uncle. I wanted to take better care of myself for both current and future me. What’s your reason?

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