3 Weeks In…

June 21, 2016

It’s been about 3 weeks since I last posted, and a busy 3 weeks it’s been. I’ve added clients and I’ve added team members; I’ve added hours and I’ve added projects. I’ve traveled on a whim and I’ve saved 2 hours of daily commuting; I’ve taken walks and bike rides over lunch and I’ve watched my cats spend the day in their favorite window spot. There have been many moments of joy and feelings of freedom, some moments of stress and uncertainty, and most moments when I’m certain this was the right choice for me.

For people who think it’s scary to go off on your own, it is a little. For people who think it’s less stable, in some ways it feels more so. For people who think you can sit around all day and do nothing, if you do that, you won’t get paid. For people who think it’s a break from a “real job”, I never have a real break. It’s constant e-mail checking and unplanned calls; it’s drafting contracts and waiting for payments; it’s planning how you will get that next client, or keep from losing a current one.

For people who think it’s invigorating, it absolutely is. For people who think it’s freeing, I’ve never felt so liberated. For people who think it’s fun, I love it. For people who think it’s challenging, it is in the best kind of way. Whether I have a view of the water, my backyard, my desk, or the back of an airplane seat – it’s all the same to the work, and all the difference to me. I can work from anywhere and that flexibility opens you up to a world of possibilities…

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